Laurence Clark: Moments Of Instant Regret

Assembly – The Box


2nd – 24th August (except 12th)

30TH July – 1st August

Internationally acclaimed comedian, presenter, actor and writer Laurence Clark is back at The Edinburgh Festival for more hilarity with new stand up show, ‘Moments Of Instant Regret’, directed by Matt Holt. We all experience moments of instant regret, from unfortunate knee-jerk reactions to the simple plain stupidity of speaking before you think. Laurence has had his fair share of these moments over the years largely due to a combination of personality and his condition (Laurence has had cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user, though this has never stopped him in anything he does!).. His new show ‘Moments Of Instant Regret’ documents his experiences from brushes with the law to an awkward blind date and his disdain for tipping.

“Rising comedy star… blackly funny”

His previous 7 shows at the Edinburgh Festival earned him magnanimous praise and critical acclaim, shown by the multitude of 4 and 5 star reviews he’s received. With television appearances on BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as being the feature point of major BBC 1 documentary ‘We Won’t Drop the Baby’ (March 2012), Laurence is prime time talent. In addition to his TV credits, he was also awarded the title of Shortlist magazine’s ‘Funniest New Comedian’, and he frequently performs and writes sketches for Soho Theatre’s resident comedy collective ‘Abnormally Funny People’. He’s also been singled out as a finalist in the BBC2Entertain/Amused Moose ‘Best Show’ Award.

'Intelligent and mischievous'
METRO ****

“Moments Of Instant Regret” is a clear-cut continuation of top form from a comedy legend in the making. Shining the spotlight on our natural human instincts and effortless ability to make stupid split second mistakes, reminding us that we are only human after all. Have you ever bitten a Policeman? Made a waiter cry? Or perhaps even called a colleague a c**t? Well Laurence has done all of the above and in ‘Moments Of Instant Regret’ you can watch him squirm and sweat as he attempts to justify these (and other) despicable deeds.

“Dangerously funny… makes Chris Morris look lightweight” SCOTSMAN ****

Laurence is not just one to watch he’s one you have to watch! An incredible comedian, he’s also a seasoned actor; Laurence has appeared in various theatre productions across the UK, and if his current successes and mainstream media appearances are anything to go by, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him to come. Performing everywhere from The House of Commons to the top of a double decker bus in Sheffield; his passion for comedic performance has no bounds.

“Natural wit”

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