Erich McElroy Is Presidential

Following his appearances on Sky News and BBC Breakfast the star of the hit 2012 show The Brit Identity is back with a brand new hour. Erich McElroy is Presidential.

This time Erich explores why no other nation does politics with the same absurdity and insanity as America, and how with the right recipe - a pinch of God, a dash of freedom and a flatbed full of firearms – almost anyone can become President.

Originally from Seattle, Erich has lived in the UK since 2000. And while he left behind baseball and apple pie he never gave up an obsession with American politics. What’s funnier really – a by-election in Longlostshire or a debate where everyone involved has a gun?

In the show Erich humorously steers the audience through the ridiculous world of US politics. How does America find the leader of the free world? Is it how well a candidate can swallow the biggest corndog in Iowa? A percentage of patriotism based on the number of American flags on their lapel? Or the attack commercial that accuses a candidate of trying to kill Big Bird?

Erich translates the madness of US politics in a way that is accessible and funny – and will keep you laughing at the absurdity of alleged American exceptionalism.

This show is Erich’s second hour of stand-up comedy following his debut show ‘The Brit Identity.’ Erich’s 2012 show followed him through his journey to find his Britishness and was well received critically with four-star reviews.

In 2010 Erich was in Edinburgh, as part of the legendary 'AAA Stand-Up' show, which also received a Total Fringe Sell-Out Award.

As well as appearances on BBC Breakfast to discuss The Citizenship Test and C5 News debating comedy and censorship, he has also written two well-received video blogs for The Independent.

‘Brilliant observation…very honest’ ****
“Masterful hour” **** BroadwayBaby
‘The show will have you giggling all the way through’ Three Weeks
‘Warm and funny’ The List

Venue: Camden Head Time: 6.30pm
Dates: August 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.
Ticket price: Full Price 7.50 Concession 6.50
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