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Commended by The Guardian, The Indpenedent, The Daily Mirror and Chortle, award-winning comedian, Liam Mullone, is an exceptional and original talent with an intelligent yet accessible mind; unmistakable, unique material; and the stream of consciousness style of delivery of a 'befuddled don' that makes him “brilliant – a tour de force”.

Shortly to film for Comedy Central's Alternative Comedy Experience with Stewart Lee, Liam has appeared twice on ITV2's Stand Up Hero, ITV’s Take The Mic, BBC7’s New Comedy Awards and BBC R4’s 28 Acts in 28 Minutes. Writing credits include C4's Stand Up For The Week, BBC3's Russell Howard's Good News, BBCR4's The Now Show and The Arthur Smith Lectures.

As an award-winner for the York Comedy Festival, runner up in the Metro Life London Comedy Quest and a twice- finalist in the BBC Comedy Awards, Liam is set to “hit the bigtime” (Evening Standard)

"If the lovechild of Stewart Lee & Harry Hill took the stage, it would be as competent and conflicted as this", - Aug-2012
"An unheralded but hugely talented stand-up and arch misanthrope. Each routine is studded with beautifully crafted gags... Somehow, out of the pessimism comes a rich vein of comedy, which – even if it doesn't seem to cheer Mullone up much – makes life all the more pleasurable for the rest of us", The Guardian - Jun-2012
"Brave, curious, disturbing and fantastical", The Independent - May-2012
"succulent cynicism", Independent 'i' - Apr-2012
" His talent is undeniable and the room is alive with laughter. ", Fest - Jul-2011
"the shaded Venn diagram overlap between Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran... a deceptively sharp operator.", Steve Bennett, - Jul-2010
"tackles topics off the usual comedy palette ... with intelligence and a flick of surrealism. Rather than simply accepting the default comic impression that life is shit, he gives the impression he’s thoroughly researched the idea – both in academic theory and through the unforgiving practice of having lived a bit – before coming to the same, cynical conclusion", Steve Bennett, - Jul-2010
"uses language elegantly, making complex ideas accessible yet funny; while his amiably shambolic style, redolent of a befuddled but bright don, is similarly disarming. Rarely does someone who seems so confused prove so incisive", Steve Bennett, - Jul-2010
"There’s some mighty fine writing in evidence in Liam Mullone’s entertaining Fringe debut. Inspired, as the title so obvious implies, by the spread of freedom-sapping bureaucratic meddling in every tiny aspect of life, he has a sizeable well of smart and funny routines that make a point as well as a joke…We learn, and laugh, a lot during the hour… He’s an intelligent comic who communicates with strong ideas, and sharp jokes ", Steve Bennett, - Aug-2007
"A refreshing sign that the cult of laddism is fading. Mullone will hit the bigtime", Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard
"Sharp cynicism with clever, devious wordplay. A promising future ahead", Steve Bennett,
"A very, very, very funny man", Three Weeks
"Brilliant... a tour de force", John Pidgeon,, BBC Head of Radio Entertainment
"Witty observations and clever wordplay", Three Weeks
"Great Standup...a credit to the Free Fringe.", Londonisfunny
BBC New Comedy Awards, 2005, Finalist
BBC New Talent, 2004, Finalist
Jorvik Lite feat, York Comedy Festival, 2004, Winner
Metro Life London Comedy Quest, 2003, Runner up
FHM Stand Up Hero, 2010, Finalist, ITV4
Take The Mike, 2001, Endemol for ITV
The Now Show, 2012, Writer, BBC Radio 4
The News Quiz, 2012, Writer, BBCR4
Stand Up For The Week, 2012 - 2012, Commissioned writer, C4
Henning Wehn's Henning Knows Best, 2011, Writer, BBC Radio 2
Russell Howard's Good News, 2011, Writer, Avalon TV
The Arthur Smith Lectures, 2005, Ten Alps Radio for BBC7
Dan and Dusty, 2004, The Children's Company for ITV1
The Milk Run, 2004 - 2005, BBC Radio 1
BBC New Comedy Awards, 2005, Finalist, BBC7
Land Fit For Fuckwits, 2012, Writer performer, Edinburgh Fringe
Up To The Eyeballs, 2011, Writer performer, Edinburgh Fringe
Down To The Bone, 2011, Writer performer, Edinburgh Fringe
In A Dead Man's Hat, 2008, Writer performer, Edinburgh Fringe
Health + Safety, 2007, Writer performer, Edinburgh Fringe - Pleasance
The Big Value Comedy Show, 2005, Stand up, Edinburgh Fringe
BBC Comedy Awards, 2004, Finalist
Comedy Store London, Stand up
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