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Liam Mullone: Vicious Whimsy, London

The title of Liam Mullone's latest solo show is only half right. Don't expect all that much whimsy from this unheralded but hugely talented stand-up but do be prepared for a sustained hour-long explosion of viciousness. An arch misanthrope who's seemingly incapable of taking pleasure in anything (even romantic love and fatherhood), Mullone can't stop himself from analysing every minor source of irritation. It would all be a little unbearable, were each routine not studded with beautifully crafted gags. Somehow, out of the pessimism comes a rich vein of comedy, which even if it doesn't seem to cheer Mullone up much makes life all the more pleasurable for the rest of us.

Leicester Square Theatre, WC2, Thu 7 June, 7pm

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