EDINBURGH 2011; Liam Mullone: Down To The Bone

“The shaded venn-diagram overlap between Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran.” Steve Bennett, chortle.co.uk

“Remarkable - a cult in the making. Tim Arthur, Time Out

Mullone takes a different comedy road, with confidence and a deep intensity - *****.” John Nicholson, Daily Mirror

”One of my new favourite comics - I loved every word of it.” Brendon Burns, if.com winner 2007

Award-winning comedian, Liam Mullone returns to the Fringe for the third time, with more confidence, more material and less money than ever before.

He’ll be performing two shows at the Free Festival: UP TO THE EYEBALLS , an hour of his best and silliest material, and DOWN TO THE BONE , which addresses pretty much everything that other comedians have steered well clear of.

DOWN TO THE BONE; Armed only with the blunt weapon of reason, Liam takes on the scariest subjects in comedy: immigration, the third world, feminism, Islamic jihad, Zionism and the problem of people who are Not Yet Middle Class. A hilarious and provocative hour - an early version was nominated best new show at last year’s Leicester Comedy Festival, the judges declaring Liam “one of the brightest and most promising talents we have seen”.

“Though he appears distracted and bewildered, absent-mindedly running his hand through his messy hair as he tries to wrap his mind around the stupidities of the world, he’s actually a deceptively sharp operator.

He tackles topics off the usual comedy palette, whether an obscure fact or a grumpily nihilistic take on the human condition with intelligence and a flick of surrealism. Rather than simply accepting the default comic impression that life is shit, he gives the impression he’s thoroughly researched the idea – both in academic theory and through the unforgiving practice of having lived a bit – before coming to the same, cynical conclusion.

As a former journalist and obituary-writer, he uses language elegantly, making complex ideas accessible yet funny; while his amiably shambolic style, redolent of a befuddled but bright don, is similarly disarming. Rarely does someone who seems so confused prove so incisive.”
- chortle.co.uk reviewing at Leics Comfest 2010

Catch Liam at 5.15pm,

Maggie’s Chamber, the Three Sisters (venue 272), 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS


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