EDINBURGH REVIEW!:Chris McCausland: Big Time

Chris McCausland’s Fringe show is notionally about time. But, by his own admission, Big Time is just a title he came up with when he was hurried into supplying text for the Fringe brochure earlier this year.

There is no big concept behind this show from the blind comedian. However, what McCausland does deliver is an hour of shaggy dog stories based on the scrapes he finds himself in – many of which arise from his blindness (although he does explain at the outset: “Don’t go expecting 47 jokes about guide dogs!”).

McCausland has no shortage of funny tales to tell, including the hours wasted waiting outside Top Shop for his girlfriend, his failure to hide his disappointment at being served Skol lager on a trip to Rio de Janeiro and a long skit on falling out of loft bed.

This is timeless comedy and McCausland's set is both wry and self-deprecating. He’s a natural story-teller, just like his fellow Scouse comedian John Bishop, and it’s no surprise that he’s a firm favourite on the Fringe.

By Mark Drinkwater on August 16, 2011 2:07 PM

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