EDINBURGH REVIEW! Nathan Caton - Get Rich or Die Cryin':

Get Rich or Die Cryin'; Nathan Caton

Venue: Pleasance Theatre, Pleasance Courtyard 60mins

What do you do when the announcer of your show, fluffs your name? Come on stage and do it again yourself, thatís what.

Catonís third year at the Edinburgh Festival: Get Rich or Die Cryiní (I wonít spoil who chose the name of the show) didnít get off to a good start Ė first time around. Although verbally and visibly nervous, I was very confused as to why. Catonís comedy style is conversational, topical and hits every laughter spot like a verbal assault on your senses. Dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and nice shiny black shoes, Caton has managed to find what is funny in todayís society, with the skill and ease of someone who has been doing stand up for a lot longer.

Like many stand ups at the Edinburgh Fringe, Caton doesnít hold back on self-deprecation with topics ranging from Tinie Tempah to his lactose intolerance. What I really did enjoy, was his use of what seemed like nothing more than banal stories, that in the end, culminated and formed together as one for the final showdown.

As I said before, his nerves really were unprecedented. Caton is easy to watch and incredibly likeable. The only thing this guy should be nervous about, is the size of star he destined to become. People of Edinburgh and beyond, take the time to see him now, while you still can and you will be far from disappointed.

JD Stewart - Posted on 08 August 2011

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