EDINBURGH REVIEW!: Laurence Clark: Health Hazard!

Laurence Clark is on a mission: to preach the good work of NHS to the Land of the Free. Clark, who has cerebral palsy, uses a mixture of stand-up, pictures and video to document his attempts to find American health insurance, and to convince the US that it is possible to remain alive in another country. Along the way, he draws an arrow on the Queen’s ankle, attacks several people with a rubber tube and explains that Mussolini was not a socialist. The show is a bit of a slow burner but Clark’s natural wit soon has the whole room in stitches. A vital reminder that we should be grateful for the NHS, and a warning to man the barricades when privatisation comes a-calling.
Catch Laurence at 6.40pm, Underbelly (The Wee Coo), 56 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1EG

until 28 Aug

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