EDINBURGH REVIEW!: Chris McCausland Big Time

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This is the third time I had the chance to see Chris McCausland in the Fringe and Im pleased to say the third time Id enjoyed his show.

For those who dont know Chris is a blind comic and although this has no bearing on his comedic abilities obviously it impacts on his life and its really the last year, since Fringe 2010 that is the theme of this years show.

Now Chris has had quite a few happenings in the past twelve months, body parts not functioning as well as they should, travel to Brazil with his girlfriend moving flat and being attacked by middle class food in his fridge.

McCausland has a happy knack of turning these events in to material, and paints the pictures eloquently, eliciting laughter from all corners of his sold out venue.

Okay the finger maybe pointed that this show was a safer option than his previous one, but for me and most others who wanted to be entertained for an hour it certainly fitted the bill.

The underlying message was that time goes quicker as one gets older, well I look forward to seeing his 2012 show in the next couple of months then.

Reviewed by Geoff

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