Russell Hicks: Unprepared

Just The Tonic at The Tron 1 August 24 August (not 12th) at 11:40 pm

Russell Hicks makes his Edinburgh debut with a mile a minute show of extemporaneous mayhem aiming to prove that comedy is about guts and heart and other various organs of the human body. Long ago, he resisted the urge to bottle up the babbling beast of neurotic explosion that detonates from the moment he hits the stage, instead, opting to open his mouth, let loose, and trust himself to fly. And be damned the masses who preach convention! The point of the show is to have fun, self realization through self indulgence, you know all of that stuff, where people come out feeling like they should also be doing exactly what they want when they want, and all that without the message being spelled out and crammed down their throats. High wire tight rope act or blazing comet of failure whatever this is, you wont be able to keep your eyes off the audacity of it..

"Absolutely smashed it last night. What was most impressive is that he somehow managed to completely improvise for the entire 30 minutes, which I have never seen done before. I have worked in numerous different comedy venues and I have also never seen a comedian get a huge round of applause for simply leaving the green room, which Russell did. I believe he has a bright future in comedy with his unique talent to riff so well.

" Russell was great last night in Cranbrook - doing a middle spot between Gary Delaney and Bob Mills was a tall order but he carried it off with aplomb. Given his performance I would be happy to have him at any of my clubs anytime",
Lonestar Comedy

"Its impressive to witness the fountain of verbal gold that comes out of the comedian.

One of the most exciting comics to come out of America, Russell Hicks is branded one of the 'Top Six Comics to Watch' by LA's Stand Up Talk Magazine. He has appeared on LA based panel show Direct TV's 'What's News?' and is a regular guest on hit podcasts such as Talkin' Sh*t with Eddie Ifft.

Headlining the nationally acclaimed student circuit in the United States, Russell regularly takes his hour-long solo shows across the country to the biggest universities.

Prolific and consistently delivering quality new work, audience members are often compelled to return for two nights in a row. Fast and loose, no two shows are ever the same.

Twitter: @RussellHickss

Listings Information
Date: 1st August 24th August 2014 (Not 12th August)
Show: Russell Hicks: Unprepared
Venue: Just the Tonic at The Tron
Address: 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh, Eh1 1qw
Time: 11.40pm
Price: free
Box office:

For more information please contact Delphine Manley at

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